Martial arts are shit

And that’s a good thing. It means we don’t, by and large, live in the violent societies that the founders of these systems had to suffer. We’re so far removed from their world we forgot how to use the systems along the way. Don’t believe me? Stephen Pinker has some stats for you.

The problem is martial artists who think they can deal with violence when they absolutely can’t. For most practitioners it makes no difference because they live in safe societies. That’s why these systems flourish.

I’m not saying people lying about their abilities for money is a good thing. Nor am I saying there aren’t any hard bastards in traditional karate, kung fu etc (although they almost invariably learned their lessons from their own experiences, rather than long dead founders). I’m just saying that a society so peaceful that shit martial artists are everywhere is actually a cause for gratitude.

Domo arigato.


Author: Stuart Hughes

Twenty-something from the hills and vales of Wales, grappling with the logistics of becoming a little more cosmopolitan.

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