Maths nightmares

I only have one nightmare theme these days.

I’m almost always back in Llandrillo College, before I went to university. It goes one of two ways: I suddenly remember a maths class I’m supposed to have taken, or I find myself sitting in a maths exam I’ve not prepared for. I’m overcome with absolute dread as I struggle to think how I ended up at this pathetic state of ignorance.

Then I wake up. The exam isn’t real, but the dread of my relative innumeracy is very real.

It’s not like I absolutely can’t do maths. Couldn’t pass a proper maths A level though, let alone the IB Higher Maths exam. I got lost somewhere between algebra and calculus.

I’ve tried Khan Academy before, but at the time it had no way of estimating your ability of big chunks of the math curriculum, and going through all the really elementary stuff was way too time consuming. Now I’m pleased to see they have a pretest which immediately skips the stuff you know well enough to progress.

It’s been a few months since my last nightmare. My old maths teacher Tony Thomas made a cameo appearance, handing me a dismal failing grade on a practice paper just like he did in 2007. Except he wasn’t in a pub kitchen at the time like the dream.

Now I’m studying something a little more in the realm of the computer scientists and economists, perhaps there’s more incentive to get the maths up to speed. Will 2014 be the year I reclaim the love of maths I lost somewhere around the age of ten? We’ll see.


Author: Stuart Hughes

Twenty-something from the hills and vales of Wales, grappling with the logistics of becoming a little more cosmopolitan.

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