Clubbing Penguins

By which of course I mean Penguin Modern Classics… 😀

It’s been long enough blaming English Literature classes in school (except yours, Tony Court – oh captain, my captain!) for not reading enough fiction. I’m starting with everyone’s favourite dystopian sci-fi writer Philip K Dick.

I loved Amazon’s adaptation of The Man In The High Castle and I refuse to wait a year to see the second series, so I went and gave Amazon even more money and bought the book AND the audiobook upgrade.

Well who’d have thought it, the book and the TV show couldn’t be further apart. Whole subplots are created anew in the show. It’s like Game of Thrones veering off from the novels, and now it’s anyone’s guess what Amazon will have in season 2.

What can I say about the shared ground? Most of all is shaking out of the idea that my Anglo-American culture is dominant in the world even though it coexists with others. You’re reading this in English, and if you’re a native speaker you can probably understand how I feel. So to imagine a world in which our culture is subordinate to the Nazi German and Fascist Japanese, where American culture is reduced to a curiosity or embodied in quaint artifacts in antique shops, is more than a bit disconcerting. Interesting!


Patience and kindness

Holy blog necro, Batman! It certainly has been a while, and how things have changed.

My heart aches for Eni who’s far away, I’m living and working in London again, and – wouldn’t you know it? – I have not in the interim done well in taking myself less seriously. 😦

This year I’ve made some real resolutions. You could even say I’m repenting of my cynical ways. 😀 2016 is the year of patience and kindness.

Once again (again again) I’m nursing sore joints from reckless boy behaviour in the gym. Maybe this is the year I’ll put aside childish things. I won’t promise myself not to do it again, but I will promise to enjoy the process of getting into better shape. All the dysfunction that took years to build will no doubt take years to correct, and that’s okay – patience. It’s also been made worse in the past by me being so harsh on myself. Yes there are people who made better use of their time and now they can do backflips and stuff. Brilliant. But life is hard Stuart and we all mess up. Have some chill. Have some kindness.

I’m in a new job that for many a dark month in 2015 I thought I would never see. It was hard for everyone around me. Guess what I got from others that pulled me out of the pit? Patience and kindness. Now I have to apply those to my work. I had to be patient when my first project didn’t get off the ground and I was pretty much benched for three months. And I have to be kind to myself every day, because I can’t undo the life choices that would have otherwise got me further in my career at the positively senile age of 26 😉

My flatmates are thoroughly good people, even if they forget to empty the bin or leave stuff in the sink. They’ve been generous with their time to make me feel welcome in a city I’d mostly forgotten and where almost no one knows my name. The only reason they don’t loathe me is because I’ve managed to be just patient and kind enough to see past most little mistakes that were never meant to hurt. I still have work to do, and that’s okay.

I wish you a wonderful 2016.