Clubbing Penguins

By which of course I mean Penguin Modern Classics… šŸ˜€

It’s been long enough blaming English Literature classes in school (except yours, Tony Court – oh captain, my captain!) for not reading enough fiction. I’m starting with everyone’s favourite dystopian sci-fi writer Philip K Dick.

I loved Amazon’s adaptation of The Man In The High Castle and I refuse to wait a year to see the second series, so I went and gave Amazon even more money and bought the book AND the audiobook upgrade.

Well who’d have thought it, the book and the TV show couldn’t be further apart. Whole subplots are created anew in the show. It’s like Game of Thrones veering off from the novels, and now it’s anyone’s guess what Amazon will have in season 2.

What can I say about the shared ground? Most of all is shaking out of the idea that my Anglo-American culture is dominant in the world even though it coexists with others. You’re reading this in English, and if you’re a native speaker you can probably understand how I feel. So to imagine a world in which our culture is subordinate to the Nazi German and Fascist Japanese, where American culture is reduced to a curiosity or embodied in quaint artifacts in antique shops, is more than a bit disconcerting. Interesting!



Author: Stuart Hughes

Twenty-something from the hills and vales of Wales, grappling with the logistics of becoming a little more cosmopolitan.

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