Save the NHS… with judo

I’m serious. We all know being physically active keeps personal healthcare costs down, but I’m talking about a specific skill of judoka.

Watch a judo match and see the thousand and one ways they get dumped on their back, on their head, on their arse… and get back up. BREAKFALLING. It should be on the PE curriculum.

Think how many people get admitted to A&E for tripping over the kid’s toys, or how many slow declines of older people start with a hip break that might have been avoided if they had lots of experience falling over.

Keiko Fukuda. Judo kept her going for 99 years. RIP.

I’ve not had a judo lesson since I was 5, but that little bit of judo practice (and a smattering of wrestling and BJJ afterwards) has probably saved me from killing myself with a broken neck more than once.

I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down!


Stop watching motivational workout videos.

Watching CT all day isn’t going to motivate you.

Or at least stop bloody showing them to me.

The people in the video are usually genetic freaks. You are probably not. Stop making yourself miserable because you’ll never be 6’6 and handsome as well as deadlifting 700lb.

Even if you did have the genes (and the drugs) that are usually at play, you haven’t cultivated the habitual focus on busting a gut like they have. I certainly haven’t. You’re probably watching the video in the hopes that it’ll be some exogenous source of motivation. But it doesn’t work. You’ll get fired up for a few minutes, but at some point you need to develop the resolve to motivate yourself. You might as well start now.

Besides, most of these people live a life that will never intersect with yours. Sure, a one-off response on a message board might feel validating, but you need to go out and find people in your own daily life that can support your goals. Ross Enamait is a phenomenal specimen, but he’s never going to be my training partner. The man is too busy with his own life. By all means, get a hold of some of his books and DVDS, but then go to the gym and reach out to the other serious athletes and trainers that you can build relationships with.

Now close Youtube before you get square eyes.